Commitment to the Motherland’s well-being must be the crucial consideration – President Rajapaksa


President Mahinda Rajapaksa said it is important that one basic quality of feeling for one’s motherland and commitment to her well-being and the stature and territorial integrity of the country should be the crucial consideration of all civil society organizations. Inaugurating the Commonwealth People’s Forum today (Nov 10) in
Galle, he said, “I look forward to seeing your Civil Society Statement, which will provide a solid foundation to facilitate this work, as people centric agenda. One cannot underestimate the creativity, insight and the specialized knowledge of the civil society that will add to the successful outcome of the CHOGM, and subsequently aid its members in the implementation process.”

He said that the vision for the world beyond 2015 will be to progress beyond poverty reduction, towards achieving holistic development that encompasses human rights, equality and sustainability. It would also have to incorporate the four dimensions: ensuring peace and security, inclusive economic sustainability.

Referring to the 30 year old conflict in Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa said, “this sad period of our history was destructive not only in a materialistic way, but also in a way that affected the very soul of our people, and our nation. We are finding our way once again, though there is many an obstacle.”

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