Repatriation of human remains (ashes) to Sri Lanka

1. Request from the applicant (Who must be an immediate family member of the deceased. If any immediate family member not available at the country of residence, immediate family member in Sri Lanka should forward the request letter through the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

2. Passport of the applicant who is accompanying the ashes.

3. Sri Lankan Passport of the deceased person.

4. Sri Lankan birth certificate of the deceased person.

5. Death certificate issued by the Swiss authority (i.e Cantonal authority etc) with English translation. / Coroner’s certificate

6. Certificate of cremation (if applicable)

7. Freight certificate issued by the company who is responsible for transportation of ashes

8. Extract from the population register issued for the deceased from the Swiss authority (i.e Cantonal authority etc)

9. Document to prove the relationship to the person accompanied the ashes to the deceased person (birth/marriage certificate. If the person accompanied the ashes is not a relative of deceased, an immediate family member should issue an authorization letter or an affidavit to the person who accompanied the ashes

10. Swiss Authorisation (i.e Cantonal authority etc) to repatriate the remains (ashes). (Such permission shall be granted only if the ashes are sealed in a metal container which is air-tight and water-tight.)
     No human remains should be arrived into Sri Lanka unless such corps have been sealed in air/water-tight aluminium container.  

11. Flight details

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