Legalization of Documents

Legalization, of the documents issued by the Sri Lankan Government

Documents issued by any authority in Sri Lanka should be first certified by the Consular Division of the Foreign Ministry in Colombo with respective signature/s, before forwarding to the Consulate General for attestation.

Consular fee is CHF 63.00 per Document

  • Electronic Document Attestation (E-DAS)

Documents originated in Sri Lanka can be also legalized from the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka through this Mission under e-DAS system. The main purpose of this service is to provide consular assistance to those who are living in Switzerland to obtain attestation for their documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka.

Charges for e-DAS attestation:                                                

Sri Lankan Passport holders – CHF 35.00                                                                                                                                    

Foreign Passport holders      – CHF 46.00

  • Please note that the fees mentioned above cover only the fee for the attestation by the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka. A computer-generated confirmation document will be issued for this purpose.

  • If the applicant needs to get this Mission’s attestation in the same document; additional fee of CF 63.00 will be charged per document.

Legalization of documents issued by the Swiss authorities

Documents issued by Swiss authorities should be legalized by the relevant Cantonal Authorities, before a request is made to the Consulate General for any attestation. Certified documents should be submitted with a set of photocopies.

you are requested to send a request, a full set of original documents including proof documents, a copy of the Swiss ID (both sides) attested by the cantonal office and a self-addressed envelope with CHF 6.30 stamps pasted on the envelop (to return the documents via registered post) and a copy of the payment slip (please make only bank transfers. Post office payments will not be accepted ) via registered post.

Postal address of the Consulate General is as follows

Consulate General of Sri Lanka,
56, rue de Moillebeau,
Case Postale 436,
1211 Geneva

Bank details are as follows

Name of the Bank: Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
Bank Account No. 240.256121.30A
Account Name: Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Geneva
IBAN: CH 350024024025612130A
Clearing No. 240

The Consulate General authenticates only the seal and signature of the officer, who has legalized the document and not the contents of the document.

Consular fee is CHF 63.00 per Document

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