Deepavali, symbolizes triumph of good over evil - President


The Festival of Lights,Deepavali, symbolizes shedding the light of knowledge over the darkness of ignorance, leading to the triumph of good over evil, states President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a Deepavali message.


The message :

"The Hindus of Sri Lanka join their fellow believers the world over in celebrating this great festival by worship, spiritual chanting and lighting the flames of worship at shrines and illuminating homes with lights as an expression of veneration and gratitude to the deities for the attainment of knowledge and understanding to overcome the evils that arise from ignorance.

This is a celebration of the great spiritual values of Hinduism that transcend human practices full of the material values of the world.

"The festive day of Deepavali, is filled with the spirit of love and devotion and is an occasion for Hindus to strive for greater spirituality that fosters understanding among communities, increase harmony and shed differences in the new spirit of reconciliation after the three decade long conflict of hatred and violence, eschewed by all the spiritual values of Hinduism.

"May this Festival of Lights bring understanding, peace and joy among all followers of the teachings of Hinduism.

"I wish all Hindu devotees a happy and peaceful Deepavali."

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