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Sri Lanka says Resolution driven by the electoral compulsions of some States at the behest of elements with links to the LTTE

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Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha addressing the Human Rights Council on behalf of the 'Country Concerned' ahead of the vote on the resolution on Sri Lanka on 27th March 2014, observed that the key imperative driving the resolution was not genuine concern for the welfare of the Sri Lankan people but electoral compulsions of some States at the behest of certain extreme elements with links to the LTTE. He said such biases and extreme ideologies ignore the ground realities, the legitimate aspirations of the Sri Lankan people, and trivialize the price paid by all Sri Lankans to defeat a 30-year brutal terrorist conflict and consolidate peace.


Ambassador Aryasinha who made a detailed critique of different elements of the resolution, said Sri Lanka categorically and unreservedly rejects this draft resolution, as it challenges the sovereignty and independence of a Member State of the UN, violates the principles of international law, based on flawed premises, and is inimical to the interests of the people of Sri Lanka.



Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka



Read the Full statement made by H.E. Mr. Ravinatha Aryasinha, Permanent Representative/Ambassador at the Human Rights Council on 27 March 2014

Read the Sinhala translation of the PRUN’s statement at the Human Rights Council published on ‘Lankadeepa’ on 01.04.2014

Watch the Video

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