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Government has granted compensation to places of religious worship destroyed during the conflict period

slstatement forumonminorities 19march2014

Intervening in the 6th session of the Forum on Minority Issues at the 25th UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on 19th March 2014, Sri Lanka said that mindful of the many challenges after a three-decade long conflict that had taken its toll on the population of an entire country. We are seeking to address these challenges in line with the National Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Recommendations of the LLRC which contains many recommendations that seek to promote religious tolerance and inter-communal and inter-religious understanding, as well as to address grievances and grant redress to those whose rights have been violated on ethnic or religious grounds.

In line with these recommendations, the Government has granted compensation to places of religious worship and is also rebuilding those places of worship of all religions that were destroyed during the conflict period.

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Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka

19 March 2014

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