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President instructs to ensure care & security for orphaned children in Haldummula


The President during the visit to the landslide affected Meeriyabedda area yesterday (Oct. 30) made inquiries into the persons impacted by the disaster and issued instructions to the officials concerned to ensure the security and care for the children who had lost their parents.
President Rajapaksa visited the Miriyabedda area in Haldummulla which was devastated by a massive landslide. The President arrived at the Sri Ganesha Tamil Vidyalaya in Koslanda where the landslide victims are being housed and made inquiries into their wellbeing.
The President who drew his special attention to the children who had lost their parents instructed the officials to be cautious about various fraudulent people, who may come forward to claim rights to these children.
The President also issued instructions to the officials to look after these children at a common place until a permanent programme is in place to entrust these children to their relatives. He apprised the health officials to take care of the health situation of these children as well as the people who have taken shelter in camps.
He also made inquiries from the officials who are providing relief. Pointing out that it is the responsibility of the state officials to evacuate the people from these areas prone to danger, the President emphasized that it is the onus of the estate owners to heed such advice. He stressed that the lives of innocent people cannot be endangered due to negligence.
Drawing his special attention to the request made by the people to remove the earth mounds which had slipped, the President said these activities should proceed on the instructions of the National Building Research Organization after proper investigations. The landslide threat may enhance with the removal of the earth mound. As such, President Rajapaksa referred to the importance of launching such activities after securing expertise advice.
The National Child Protection Authority has called on the public to contact the Authority on 1929 and give information on children who have been rendered homeless following the massive landslide experienced at Haldummulla in Koslanda in Badulla. A group of officials of the National Child Protection Authority is in the area and working towards the safety of the children and their future activities.
The Child Protection Authority had emphasized the need to exercise vigilance as children are like to fall prey to child abduction or abuse during such calamities.
Courtesy: www.priu.gov.lk

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